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  • Lower auto insurance rates

  • Youth jobs creation plan

  • Home care for seniors

  • Reduced barriers to employment

While the budget contains some NDP ideas, we want to hear what Ontarians think about making the budget transparent and the Liberal government accountable.

The Liberal budget doesn’t include any new accountability measures. The Liberals have taken no responsibility for wasting billions at eHealth, ORNGE and the cancelled gas plants. How can we make the Liberal budget more accountable to Ontarians?

New Democrats proposed a number of ways we can save money that didn’t make it into the Liberal budget. Instead the Liberals are choosing to drive up the deficit and are threatening front line care. Which cost saving measures do you want to see implemented?

Premier Wynne will turn carpooling lanes into toll lanes on highways to fund transit. What do you think of this idea?

Transportation must be improved in Ontario. How should investment in roads and transit be funded?

Some of our ideas are in the budget, but there is no way to guarantee that people will see results. How would you ensure that the Liberals keep their promises?

We also want to hear your general thoughts on the budget and welcome any ideas you may have. Please add them here.



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